The Importance of Your Skin Being Ready for Summer

June 2018

Now that summer has arrived, we can only imagine the list of things on your to-do list: find the bathing suits, flips flops and sunhats, pick up some sunscreen, plan the next family beach day, or a trip to the water park for the kids… but there’s one more thing to add to that checklist-taking care of your skin.

It’s also a time when your face will be exposed to more heat and humidity. Give yourself a confidence boost and keep your skin as healthy as possible as the temperatures rise by considering the treatment options available to get your face ready for summer. The turn of the season is the most important time to show your skin some extra love. The change in the weather can be abrupt, especially here in Northwestern Ohio. Your skin needs some TLC and we’ve got just what you need. By following a few easy tips and making sure your skin is getting the best care possible, you’ll feel confident stepping into the sunshine this season.


With the increase in temperature, you’ll be sure to notice an increase in thirst as well. But did you know that by the time your body actually realizes it’s thirsty, doctors say you are technically already dehydrated? Put your brain in preventative overdrive and make a point to get ahead of your thirst. Increasing your water intake can be difficult if you are someone who isn’t accustomed to drinking large amounts of H20. To get into the habit, try carrying around a water bottle at all times, starting and ending your day with a glass of water and even adding flavors such as lemon, lime or mint to help your normal water more enjoyable. At the end of the day, the goal is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses per day- and we promise that your body will thank you, from the inside out. Want another way to up your hydration levels? Get them from your fresh fruits and veggies all summer long. In fact, a smoothie is the perfect way to keep up with nutrition for the entire family over the summer break. Whip up something delicious, nutritious and perfect for that summer skin.


Getting those skin cells regenerating by removing the build up from the past months is one of the most effective ways to prep your skin for the upcoming season. The ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel is a favorite among our patients. The ZO Stimulator Peel is the perfect “summertime” peel with no downtime. This peel is made up of a combination of lactic, citric and salicylic acid plus potent concentrations of other active ingredients to exfoliate the skin, while stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. A highly effective treatment for the many signs of skin aging, this peel is ideal for treating Melasma, sun damage, fine lines, uneven texture, large pores, dull skin, and even acne. This month we’re offering BOGO Stimulator Peels (2 for the price of 1). You’ll reap the benefits of this treatment all summer long!

One form of exfoliation, excellent on its own or paired with an add-on spa treatment is Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning gently removes the outermost layers of dead skins using a 10 gauge scalpel. This painless treatment removes peach fuzz, allowing your products to better penetrate your skin and makeup application to appear flawless. Dermaplaning’s effects are immediate and include brighter, smoother, glowing skin.


If you’re looking to improve your #SPF skincare routine or add something to your beach bag arsenal, all ZO SPF product purchases will come with a signature ZO blue beach towel this month.While we certainly hope that everyone already has a skin care regimen that involves SPF, we understand that for a lot of people sunscreen only comes out in the summertime. And while, that obviously needs to change- to protect your face, neck, arms and other visible body parts that are exposed year round- for now, we will emphasize the importance of truly embracing SPF in the summer.

Not only do you need to be wearing sunscreen, but the SPF number and quality of it is equally important. EltaMD sunscreens help prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun, when used with other sun protection measures. EltaMD sunscreens are formulated with transparent zinc oxide and are noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. All EltaMD sunscreens are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective broad-spectrum sunscreens. Now is the time to buy: EltaMD sunscreens are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off for the month of June.


Forget gross tanning beds or baking in the sun until your skin is the color of a tomato- you can be perfectly tan without the hassle or hazard! With our Organic Airbrush Spray Tan, you can achieve that beautiful glow without sacrificing your skin- and it’s quicker too. Stop into Papilio to find how you can get that sun-kissed look and you’ll be ready for any summer soiree headed your way. We’re offering 2 Spray Tans for $40 for the month of June.

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Have a skin-safe and well-hydrated summer!


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