20 % OFF -Trade In & Trade Up Makeup Event

We know you have some long-abandoned piece of makeup lingering at the bottom of your cosmetics pouch, gathering errant mascara smears and dustings of eye shadow as it slowly turns an unappealing shade of taupe. For some reason you can’t quite bring yourself to throw it out — but what if you could trade it in?

This fall let us help you clean up your beauty routine. Now through September 30th, bring in any piece of your old makeup (any brand — old, broken, barely there, gross, and awful all accepted!) and receive 20% OFF your new makeup purchase.

We’ll take care of recycling the old stuff. If it helps, tell yourself it’s gone to the great beauty department in the sky, where someone will no doubt love it like you were never able to.

So why not give it a go? Stop by anytime— or you can schedule a makeup consultation to set you on the right track for fall. (Just call us to book.) Because one thing is certain: In life and in your makeup bag, you have to clear out the old to make room for the new!

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